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2020 Schedule

    August 17, 2020 - East Stroudsburg University (new turf field)...
    October 10, 2020 - Yogi Berra Stadium -- 60 Colleges ...

(august 17, 2020)

August 17, 2020
Brand New Turf Field
East Stroudsburg University E. Stroudsburg, PA

We Feature:

1. An Absolute Academic Fest of colleges
2. 14 Proven years of Showcase experience
3. AFFORDABLE (40-60%) lower registration fee than the competition
4. One day event (I/O, On-Field BP, "GO-LIVE" game)
5. Attending coaches are confirmed multiple times
6. Multiple Full-Exposure Sessions
7. All coaches eyes on you
8. Excellent Coach to Player (1:1) ratios
10. Players measurables are forwarded to every coach in attendance

11. Registrations are open to all 2020-2024 graduates

The Prime High Academic Showcase

1. College-Style Warm Up & Stretch

2. Primary pitchers will throw "LIVE" seen by every coach in attendance

3. On-field Batting Practice (with "LIVE" defense) seen by every coach in attendance

4. Infield/Outfield Drills seen by every coach in attendance

5. Measurables given to every coach in attendance

6. Full Social Media Coverage

7. Engage with your own personal showcase-college coach

8. "GO-LIVE" Game seen by every coach in attendance.


Prime 60 Showcase

October 10, 2020

Pitcher or Position Player - $399

2-Way Player - $499

60 college coaches confirmed to attend


Strategically scheduled at the beginning of the all important fall recruiting season.

The GO YARD PRIME 60 Showcase is for aspiring high school players who are striving to play baseball at college/university. A FANTASTIC exposure opportunity for 2021's, 2022's, 2023's & 2024's. Make no mistake, our events are difference makers. We take the GUESS-WORK out of the recruiting/exposure process.


(1) Pitchers and Position Players connect one-on-one with their own personal College Coach. Utilizing video of your "Go-Live In Game" performance in front of all college coaches in attendance.


They are flawed and not fundamentally sound exposure vehicles. Why? They typically feature too many teams, too many players, too many fields.


  1. DIVERSITY - An effective, diverse mixture of D1, D2, D3  colleges
  2. EXPERIENCE - 14 Years of proven experience
  3. AFFORDABLITY – 40-60% Lower fee than the competition
  4. EFFICIENCY - One day event
    On-field BP - Infield/Outfield Drill - Measurables - "GO-LIVE" Game
  5. SAFETY - Attending coaches are confirmed multiple times
  6. CONVENIENCE - Centralized location with plenty of parking!
  7. Registrations are open to all 2020-2024 graduates
    • Multiple Full Exposure Sessions on ONE-Field
    • Every coach sees every player do Everything
    • Coaches are not distracted
    • Greater than 1:1 Coach-Player ratio
    • Measurables + Social Media Coverage given to every coach in attendance as well as our large database of college coaches


1 DAY * 60 COLLEGES  *  ONE- FIELD     


2019 Prime 60 Coaches

  • 3484165

    Our Showcases are designed to encourage access to college coaches. We help you to creatively connect by building in allocated time into each college coach's schedule which allows for off the field conversations. Utilizing video of live pitching and/or batting practice perfomances, participants connect one-on-one with their own personal college showcase coach.

  • 3484165

    Today, more than ever, it is vital that player information gets out there to the coaching community. GO YARD Showcases are lazar focused on supplying that information to coaches in an efficient manner to all social media platforms.

  • 3484165

    Designed by former and present MLB, MILB, college, high school coaches and players. Everything is performed on one field which allows all eyes to be on you. Coaches are not distracted by too many activities at one time. Every coach sees every move each player makes. Multiple Full Exposure Sessions, with a maximum of 40 players on the field are utilized for increased Center-Stage visibility equates to a more favorable exposure opportunity .

Frequently asked questions
We're flattered you want to know more

Still have questions? We've got answers. Email us or give us a call.

  • Q: What should I bring?

    You should bring all baseball equipment necessary for your position (bat, glove, batting gloves, spikes/turf shoes, helmet, water bottle). Please thoroughly and fully inspect each piece of equipment prior to leaving for the showcase and immediately upon arriving at the showcase.

  • Q: Do you recommend local hotels?

    No. There are many different types of hotels available in the area. However, we leave the hotel decision process up to each individual family, their budgets, tastes and needs.

  • Q: Did you sell out last season?

    Yes! Our last 11 events have been sold out. We have multiple full exposure shifts each day so there aren't hundreds of players on the field at the same time. OUR limited, per position rosters and Multiple Full-Exposure Shifts ensure ample playing time, transparency, focus for MAXIMUM EXPOSURE.

  • Q: Are there local airports for the eventS?


    Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) , John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE)

    Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN)

    Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

  • Q: How many players attend your showcases? Are they split up?

    Yes. Our showcases make YOU the priority with Multiple Full-Exposure Shifts.

    Some way more expensive showcases advertise "ONE-FIELD" and/or Multiple Shifts and then crowd in up to 100 - 225+ position players on that ONE field at once. HELLO??

    Go Yard Prime Showcases offer the best in business player to coach ratios.... (1:1) and greater.

    We never have more than 40 total players on the field at once.

  • Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards.

  • Q: Are the colleges advertised confirmed to attend the showcases?

    Yes. The colleges advertised to attend our camps are confirmed multiple times.

    However, there may be (out of our control) circumstances that prohibit the scheduled college representative from the confirmed college list. EVERY showcase experiences this and we are hopeful that this will be minimal, as it has been in the past. All efforts are made to find a comparable replacement.

  • Q: What do I wear?

    A GO YARD PRIME SHOWCASE t-shirt will be given to all players at the beginning of the camp. You are required to wear the above mentiond t-shirt throughout the entire showcase. In addition, please wear baseball pants, baseball hat, socks and belt.

  • Q: Do the GO YARD PRIME SHOWCASES provide anything after the event?

    Yes. We do! We collect skills measurable's for every player and email results 7-10 days following the event. All measurables will be given to all attending college coaches.

  • Q: Will the player or myself get to speak to college coaches?

    Yes. College coaches will be giving valuable/insightful speeches throughout the showcase. We will have times set aside for player and parent interaction with the coaches.

    We advocate, encourage and have planned time slots throughout the day for one on one conversations with college coaches.

    However, keep in mind that our goal is to have the coaches focused (all eyes on players) during the showcase and if they are talking to individual parents during the event this hinders many other player's opportunities.

    The goal is to allow the coaches to process all players and assess the degree of interest in each participating player.

    Each participant will be provided a full list of colleges and college coaches contact info.

  • Q: What type of bats should we use?

    All players will use -3 BBCOR

  • Q: What type of shoes should I wear?

    Please bring metal cleats and turf shoes

  • Q: Do I need to bring lunch?

    No. We run multiple full exposure sessions. We encourage you to bring healthy snacks and water.

  • Q: What happens during inclement weather?

    In the event of inclement weather, GO YARD, LLC has the right to alter/modify the schedule/event.

    We will do everything we can to give players exposure to the attending colleges.

    Their are significant upfront costs contracted by GO YARD, LLC., and there will be no refunds for inclement weather or for any reason. All registration fees are non-refundable from the date of purchase, no exceptions.

  • Q: Credit / Refund Policy

    All Sales Are Final. No Refunds for Any Reason. No Exceptions.

    Credits are discretional ONLY.

    We only accept requests for debilitating injuries that prevent your participation.

    Requests for debilitaing injury credits must be made in writing and are non-refundable, no exceptions (must be supported by appropriate, official medical documentation on their official stationary).

    No credits for any reason will be issued within 21 days of the event except for COVID-19 issues. If COVID-19 circumstances cause us to postpone an event, players must make themselves available for the rescheduled date. If no postpone date is set, then we would give you credit towards our next showcase event.

    In the event of inclement weather, GO YARD, LLC., has the right to alter/modify the schedule. (We will do everything we can to give players exposure to the attending colleges.)

    There are significant upfront costs contracted by GO YARD, LLC., and there will be no refunds for inclement weather or for any reason. All registration fees are non-refundable from the date of purchase, no exceptions.

  • Who Can Register?

    Registrations are open to all 2020-2024 graduates

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