NCAA Extends Dead Period until 8/31/20

New Date: August 17 (Monday)

New Venue: East Stroudsburg University (Brand New Turf Field) and a bit more conducive to modifications

Recently, as you know, the NCAA announced that they are extendig the D1 dead period through the end of August. This summer has been a challenge to both student-athletes and college coaches. In saying that, we will continue to go the extra mile and adapt our programs and formats the best we can to deliver the most effective exposure opportunities given the out of control circumstances we all face.

Be sure that our proven approach and 14 years of experience can be even more valuable and effective in this tight-window of opportunity we are all faced with.

We are planning on operating this showcase with on-site Division 3 and other non-Division 1 coach participation. We are also excited to inform you, as stated above, we have secured a more favorable venue and date for our showcase.

This Event Will Include:

1. On-site Division 3 and other non-Division 1 Coach Attendance

2. Expanded-Increased data, analytics and measurements.

3. Video, data and analytics sent directly to our vast database of Division 1 programs (this is how D1 Colleges are recruiting now).

The new, updated list of participating college coaches will be posted on the "Showcase Events" Page over the next few days.

If you have registered for the August 14, 2020 Showcase at Centenary University you will be automatically transferred to both the new Date & Venue.

Be Safe. Continue to Prepare.

Unmatched Exposure......
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Our generous and outstanding mix of engaging college coaches are able to view all players on One-Field utilizing multiple full exposure sessions for improved coach:player ratio with a maximum of 40 players on the field.

Formats of events are created by premier former and present H.S., College, MLB, MILB players and coaches.

Our Showcases and Gator Teams are designed to place you "Center-Stage" in front of Every Coach in attendance

We hope to see you at one or more of our events. Please contact us with any questions

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